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Roads in Porshuram badly damaged by floods
Our correspondent, NOAKHALI

Roads in Porshuram badly damaged by floods

Though floodwaters have receded from Porshuram upazila of Feni district, nearly 17 km of different roads of the upazila are in a pitiable condition.

Communication links between Feni and Porshuram have been disrupted for at least seven days now. Most of the link roads have gone under water and are damaged. Many of these areas have large numbers of potholes.

According to officials of the Feni roads and highway department (RHD), a total of 17 km roads and culverts have been damaged. They sought at least Tk. 2 crore for carrying out repairs.

Locals said from 12 to 26 June, hills have collapsed because of torrential rain at eight points of the Mohari, Khua and Chilonia rivers. Embankments have been damaged as a result.

Again, 20 villages were submerged by the strong floodwaters and 11 link roads damaged. On 23 and 24 June, water flowing down the hills went through the damage points and caused flooding, affecting 10 more villages.

A source in the local government engineering department (LGED) at Feni said, “Floods occurred twice and damaged 17 km of roads under Porshuram upazila. The main roads that were damaged are: Subar Bazar–Monipur–West Kawtala road (15 metres), Durgapur–Ratanpur–Bakar Baker Bazar (100 metres), Charigram–Satkuchia BOP roads (20 metres), Porshuram–Kalir Bazar, Donkunda Bazar, Charigram–Shaldor Bazar (30 metres), Rashpur Bazar–Shaldor Bazar–Chandina primary school roads and Boxmahamud Road (7 km), Chandina primary school and highway school (1.36 km) and Nasir Uddin Chowdhury High School (2.5 km) roads.

Complaints have been received that while the roads and highways department (RHD) often repairs the roads, their condition deteriorates very soon. Though some illegal structures were demolished, small vehicles—including rickshaws and auto-run CNG vehicles—still ply on the main segments of the highways. For this reason, the movement of heavy vehicles, including buses, loaded trucks, mini-trucks and lorries, is seriously hampered, and regularly causes traffic congestion in the area.

Abdulla Al Hossain, a local trader, said, “Business establishments on both sides of the roads are at a higher elevation than the level of the road. As a result, during the rains, the roads get filled with water and are damaged.”

Shinor Akther, a student, complained, “We are suffering very badly. The roads are in a deplorable condition after floods and heavy rainfall. Even though Porshuram is an important place for business, road repairs are not properly carried out.”

The executive engineer of Feni LGED, Md. Shah Alam Patowery, told The Independent that the construction of roads between Rashpur and Durgapur to Rampur and Gutima has already begun.