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Many happy returns to Nadia
The actress plans pursuing career in tinseltown
DL Reporter

Many happy returns to Nadia

Today is the birthday of lustrous model and actress Sallha Khanam Nadia. She is all set to observe this special day of her life with her family. Nadia is passing some busy schedules starring in tele-dramas, TVCs (Television commercials) and music videos. However, the actress informs DhakaLive that she desires to step into the silver-screen as well. Nadia is selective regarding participation on the big screen and does not prefer the usual plots. She plans to perform in some special stories that attract audiences instead of the ordinary movie plots.  

Nadia said, “I want to star in a film that has a good story, a good maker and above all, suits me. The film should be an example for the future. I do not want to act in a film just for the sake of starring in a film.”

The actress has already received offers to work in several films. However, she did not find interest regarding the plots of those films. As a result, she will not be seen starring in those films.

The actress is waiting for the perfect script to make her transition from the small screen to the big screen. Unless she gets such a script, she will continue in small screen projects.

About her birthday, Nadia said, “All I want are the blessings from the audiences so that I can be hale and hearty to perform in good dramas.” Alongside spending time with family, Nadia will be participating in RTV’s programme ‘Tarokalap’ today at 10:40am. l