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Persuade Naypyidaw to take back Rohingyas
Bangladesh urges India

Persuade Naypyidaw to take back Rohingyas

Bangladesh has urged India to continue playing a ‘crucial role’ in persuading Myanmar for the early and secured repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas, who had to cross into Cox’s Bazar to escape the atrocities orchestrated by the Myanmar security forces, local Buddhist mobs and people from other ethnic groups in Rakhine. Speaking at a programme on ’current state of India-Bangladesh relations and its future’ at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in New Delhi yesterday, Bangladesh high commissioner to India Syed Muazzem Ali called for a speedy return of the Rohingya refugees, reminding prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s five-point proposals for the solution of the crisis at the last session of the United Nations General Assembly.

“We believe that sustained international pressure on Myanmar would be a catalyst for a long-term solution……,” he was quoted as saying by a press release forwarded by the high commission in Delhi.

Speaking on water sharing issues, the envoy referred to unresolved problem of sharing the water of River Teesta, saying that Bangladesh is eagerly looking forward to an early conclusion to the agreement to open up newer opportunities for cooperation.

In this regard, he referred to the signing of Ganges water sharing agreement between the two countries during Sheikh Hasina’s first term.

Ali said that Bangladesh and India need to step up cooperation in joint management of 54 common rivers the two countries.

On counterterrorism, the high commissioner reiterated Bangladesh’s zero-tolerance against the menace and its resolve not to allow any terrorist group to use its soil to launch any attack against India. Saying that security issue had “bedevilled Indo-Bangladesh ties in the past” the envoy said prime minister Sheikh Hasina has firmly controlled the situation.

Ali said prime minister Sheikh Hasina has restored mutual trust and cooperation and brought a highly positive change in “our bilateral ties.”

“There is now a greater recognition on both sides that the destinies of our two countries are inescapably intertwined and we must grow together.”

Ali highlighted the other dimensions of rapidly-improved ties between the two closest neighbours.  The areas are defence engagements, energy, bilateral and dub-regional connectivity, trade and commerce, water sharing, line of credit and people-to-people contact.

The envoy said the recent developments have taken Indo-Bangladesh ties to a new multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and comprehensive platform.

“We have to proceed with a view to establishing a win-win equation for the benefit of our two countries and for the entire region,” he said.