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MPO enlistment not a good programme, says Muhith

MPO enlistment not a good
programme, says Muhith

Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday told parliament that the enlistment of schools under the Monthly Pay Order (MPO) is not a good programme for the development of education, reports UNB. He, however, said fund has been allocated in the national budget for bringing schools under the MPO in the current fiscal year (2018-'19).

The (enlistment of schools) MPO is a very bad programme which we had taken once upon a time. And we have been continuing it," said Muhith replying to a supplementary question from Tarikat Federation chairman Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizvandary, MP. The Finance Minister said there are many good programmes for the development of education such as stipend for students and school-feeding and providing education materials. Muhith asked the MPs to change their attention from the MPO programme to school-feeding one.