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MPO facility for non-govt instts from ‘this month’

MPO facility
for non-govt
instts from
‘this month’

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid yesterday said non-government educational institutions will get the monthly pay order (MPO) facility from this month onwards. “Bringing all non-government educational institutions under the MPO facility is a huge task as several ministries are involved in the process," he also said.

"After the budget, we're now working on the matter, in consultation with the finance ministry, for budgetary allocations to provide the MPO facility to non-government educational institutions. The whole thing will be done in July,” he added. “The qualified educational institutions will enjoy the facility following the MPO Policy 2018,” he noted.

Nahid said this at a programme organised to unveil the textbooks of Class XI and Class XII. The event was arranged by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) in the capital.

The government has recently published the MPO Policy 2018 to share a portion of its budgetary allocations with the teachers and employees of non-government educational institutions.

For the implementation of the MPO facility, the education ministry on June 20 formed two separate committees for selecting non-government educational institutions to provide the facility. The government will soon seek online applications from non-government educational institutions to categorise them.

After the gradation, the selection committee will select the institutions and recommend the government to provide the MPO facility to them.  The government is providing the MPO facility to educational institutions after eight long years.

It was in 2010 that the facility was last provided to 1,622 educational institutions.

There are around 7,000 non-MPO educational institutions with around 80,000 teachers and employees across the country.

These teachers and employees held various programmes to realise their demand for the inclusion of the MPO facility. In the face of their strong demonstration in the capital, the government assured them to provide the facility.

However, when the teachers and employees found the government did not say anything about the matter in the budget, they became frustrated and again took to the street in the capital on June 10. They are still continuing their programme, which includes an indefinite hunger strike, to realise their demand.