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Zahid Hasan’s ‘Mr Tension’ from July 5
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Zahid Hasan’s ‘Mr Tension’ from July 5

A brand new drama serial titled ‘Mr Tension’, starring celebrated actor-director Zahid Hasan in the central role, is set to start telecasting from July 5. DhakaLive has news that ‘Mr Tension’ will be aired every Thursday and Friday at 8:20pm on NTV.

The plot of the drama serial revolves around the lead character played by Zahid Hasan.  Here, Mohammad Habibur is an educated wealthy person who has just returned from Dubai after ten years. Even though he can afford a luxurious life of the modern city, he intends to live in his village. All of his siblings live in the city, but Habibur prefers the village life. Habibur, however, does not live in the village for the love of nature, but he lives there so he could disturb the villagers for fun. He puts tension in people’s mind and has pleasure from it. Due to his nature, the villagers try to flee from him any way possible whenever they see him around. Not just in village people, he also puts tension to close people as well. Due to his behaviour, his love affair also does not sustain more than a month. The people of the village call him Mr Tension as his only intention is to put tension into other people.

With an interesting storyline like this, along with Zahid Hasan, the cast of the drama serial includes Anika Kabir Shokh, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Sumaiya Shimu, Nadia, Mosumi Hamid, Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Dr Enamul Haque and Marjuk Russel, among others.