POST TIME: 29 June, 2018 12:39:56 PM
Tips for traveling Pennsylvania Turnpike this summer
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Tips for traveling Pennsylvania Turnpike this summer

PITTSBURGH - The Fourth of July brings about the busiest travel day of the summer season. Channel 11 talked to people who work for the turnpike about what other days drivers need to think about when planning their summer vacations.

On the Friday before the Fourth of July, it is expected that there will be around 750,000 drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. There are two other Fridays in summer known for busy travel.

"Everybody seems to go on vacation in August," said Renee Colborn, of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. "And they travel, throughout August, going wherever -- the beach or up north or wherever they may be going. And the first Friday of August and last Friday of August seem to be among the busiest of the entire year."

Colborn said that just waiting 24 hours can make a big difference. Saturdays seem to have the lowest traffic load.
Another suggested timesaver is cashless tolling.

"We have a few cashless tolling points on the turnpike," Colborn said. "The Beaver Valley Expressway is one of them. The Findlay Connector is also one, near the Pittsburgh area. And what that means is you don't use cash at all. The travelers either use E-ZPass or they get a bill in the mail through our Toll by Plate system."

The Turnpike Commission suggests getting an E-ZPass because it saves time getting through toll plazas and will save you 30% to 35% overall on tolls.

Channel 11 also asked about wait times at travel plazas on the turnpike. We were told that, while all plazas are busy all summer long, the South Somerset plaza and the Allentown Service Plaza on the Northeastern Extension get the most visitors.


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