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Youth invents fish culture technique
Our Correspondent, Jhenidah

Youth invents fish culture technique

When the country is marching towards self-sufficiency in fish production, a young man has shown the way to quick production without any waterbodies. He has chosen the sands on river banks to serve as reservoirs.

Officers of the Department of Fisheries (DoF) have praised the initiative by Raqibul Islam Sagar. They said the technique was likely to improve the socio-economic status of an individual and strengthen the national economy.

Sagar, a resident of Charbakharba village under Shailkupa upazila, told this correspondent that he started farming the most popular variety of fish, Koi, in a leased pond after getting a degree from college. But he incurred a heavy loss due to his lack of skill and other reasons.

He, however, was determined to overcome the difficulties and started fish farming in an uncommon way—on the sands of the local river Gorai. He had been experimenting for the past few years and has finally obtained success.

spread polythene on the sand near the river bank and collected water. He then made separate tanks, each having a depth of one metre, side by side.

Fish varieties like tilapia, thaiputi, shrimps and others could be grown in those tanks on a commercial basis. The fish can become one kilogram in weight within three to three and a half months, he added.

About his experience, Sagar said he had released fries worth Tk. 5,000 and earned Tk. 10,000 from a single tank last year. Now, he has four tanks, each 105-feet long and 17-18 feet wide, and polythene sheets are spread on the tank floors.

According to Sagar, three other young men in nearby villages started similar type of farming on the river bed after having seen the success of his efforts.

Sahriful Islam, a resident of Bakharba village, said people of several villages were coming to the Goral river bank to see Sagar’s way of fish culture.

Upazila fisheries officer Abdur Razzaque said the unique fish culture method could set an example before the country. Many unemployed youths, spending their days fruitlessly, can earn start earning by employing this method of fish cultivation, he added.

He said the innovative method did not require any pond or waterbody and could play a role in achieving self-sufficiency in fish production.