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Holiday mood persists

Holiday mood persists

The holiday mood still persists in the city slowing down work in government and non-government offices although the three-day government holiday concluded on Sunday.  But the city dwellers got a respite from the usual vexing traffic jam in the city as the volume of traffic came down since the Eid vacation. The central secretariat still gives a deserted look as many of the officials are yet to return after three days of Eid holiday. A good number of officials and employees are on additional leave to give more time to their near and dear ones living at their village homes as they find the three-day holiday inadequate.

The Eid holiday has also gripped the Motijheel area, the commercial hub of the city, as normalcy is yet to return in offices of the area.  The city dwellers are, however, happy with the present look of the capital as they now can move without hazards and take comparatively fresh breath in absence of traffic jam and air pollution. Important city places like Farmgate, Shahbagh, Gulshan-1 and Bijoy Sarani intersections, Airport and Mirpur roads and Mohakhali level-crossing were free from traffic gridlock and no-one had to wait in long queues there. The number of public vehicles was very thin, while private vehicles plied in a considerable number. Most of the food shops remained closed at noon, while most of the city markets remained shut throughout the vacation. Police constables and traffic men on duty were seen having a comfortable time, as the low traffic flow did not require much effort to keep the city streets going. Within a few days the city will get back to its familiar business.  

 It is gratifying to note that road accidents during the Eid this year did not kill so many people unlike the previous years. Besides, the people who left Dhaka for their respective homes to celebrate Eid with their near and dear ones did not face that much hassles in their homeward journey. There were also not many incidents of mugging and other crimes for jeopardizing the joy of Eid.  Inter-city trains and buses ran almost on schedule, water vessels, particularly launches and steamers, also moved on time. There was no dearth of tickets for the passengers. All these came as a relief. This sense of relief must not be short-lived. The government should take all-out measures so that this peaceful condition is maintained before and after Eid every year.