POST TIME: 19 June, 2018 00:00 00 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 19 June, 2018 12:08:49 AM
Holidaymakers start returning to Dhaka
Special Correspondent

Holidaymakers start returning to Dhaka

Ending the three-day Eid vacation in their respective areas, people start returning to the capital as offices reopened yesterday. The photo was taken at Kamalapur Railway Station. Independent photo

After the three-day-long Eid vacation, the city is slowly coming back to life with the reopening of offices and shops. Launch and bus terminals and rail stations yesterday were teeming with vacationers returning to the capital from their country homes. But these people do not represent the entire population of holidaymakers who had left the city for their native places to celebrate the festival with their families and friends. More are expected to arrive in the capital today and in the next few days when schools and garments factories reopen.

The absence of a large chunk of the population was acutely felt in the scant attendance at the Secretariat—it was only 30 per cent. Some of the vacationers returned to the city on Sunday to avoid the trouble of travelling in packed buses, trains and vessels. Those who returned to the capitalyesterday were seen exchanging Eid greetings and hugging  each other. Besides office workers and factory labourers, some of the seasonal workers, such as rickshaw-pullers and construction workers also went out of the city on the occasion of Eid. As a large number of rickshaw-pullers are yet to return to the city, the internal transport of Dhaka has taken a jolt, inconveniencing a large number of commuters.

However, life in Dhaka is getting back to its normal rhythm and will soon settle into its familiar groove.