POST TIME: 14 June, 2018 07:14:08 AM
Kona’s ‘Nimontron’ for Eid
DL desk

Kona’s ‘Nimontron’ for Eid

With Eid-ul-Fitr just around the corner, popular singer Dilshad Nahar Kona is getting ready to present several songs for her fans and audience.

The singer has lent her vocal to yet another new song titled ‘Nimontron’ on Eid eve. Written by NI Bulbul, the tune and music arrangement of the song have been done by Aranya Akon. The song will be released under the banner of CD Choice.

Kona said about the song, “The lyric and composition of the song are very nice. I have worked with Aranya for the first time. Though he is new in music direction, he did well. I am satisfied to render the song. I hope the listeners will find something new in the song.”

Besides, Kona lent her vocal to a song for FIFA World Cup with D Rock Star Shuvo.

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