POST TIME: 14 June, 2018 00:00 00 AM
The World Cup kicks off today
There is no global event like the World Cup soccer. It begins today in Russia, which is hosting the greatest show on earth for the first time

The World Cup kicks off today

The 21st World Cup Football kicks off at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow today with the inaugural match between Saudi Arabia and the hosts Russia. In this greatest show on earth, the spectators will see Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain and France as the most favourite teams. But they will also miss the sporting skill of such giant football playing nations like Italy and Netherlands as they failed to qualify for the final show. As individual players, Lionel Messi of Argentina, Neimar of Brazil, Paul Pogba of France, Christian Ronaldo of Portugal and Salah of Egypt, Luis Suarez of Uruguay will draw the attention of the football fanatics across the globe.

The world cup football is the greatest show on earth because football is a game that is played every nook and cranny of the world and football lovers all over the world wait with drawn breaths for this tournament, which is held every four years. Though the game is popular worldwide, the world cup contending teams had always been the countries of Latin America and Europe and in Russia there will no exception from this. Even then, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Japan, South Korea and Australia from Asia and Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia and Morocco from Africa will play in this edition of the tournament and it is widely believed that Iran from Asia and Egypt of Africa will draw admiration of football lovers worldwide for their performance and skill.

Bangladesh as a football playing nation is way behind the top football playing nations of the world but football fever has gripped all Bangladeshis here like other countries. Display of flags in almost all buildings in the capital and other cities and towns are common sights during the tournament. Some crazier lovers of the game made mammoth-size flags of Brazil and Argentina or drew buildings in the colours of flags to show their enthusiasm for their favourite teams. Such love for other nation’s football prompted one this year—we find it wrongly though—to file a writ petition in the High Court on the legality of display of flags of other nations. People’s innocent enjoyment of the game and jingoism are not the same things. In the international arena, Bangladesh has established itself as a cricketing powerhouse. We hope that there will indeed be a time when Bangladesh can participate in the World Cup football.

People want to see spectacular and incredible football from the superstars in this world cup who are many, but football lovers’ eyes will be set on Lionel Messi to see whether this Argentine genius would be able to pull his nation to clinch the world cup this time, his last one. In all, let the professional football win in the Russian show.