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Nusraat Faria likely to star in Bollywood film
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Nusraat Faria likely to star in Bollywood film

Nusraat Faria, an immensely talented and glamorous Bangladeshi model-turned-actress who has just recently completed the shooting of her debut film ‘Aashiqui’ and is now waiting to see its release during this Eid, is likely to work in a Bollywood film opposite Imraan Hashmi, one of the most celebrated Indian actors. DhakaLive has news about the lustrous star’s next venture that Nusraat may be seen appearing in the Bollywood film titled ‘Gawah: The Witness’ directed Bishnu Dutta. Among others, Indian actors Nawazuddin Siddiqu, Ashutosh Rana and actress Paayel Sarkar from Kolkata are expected to share the screen with Nusraat Faria and Emraan Hashmi in the film.
Nusraat Faria, who acted in her first full length Bangla feature film ‘Aashiqui’ opposite Kolkata actor Ankush, is yet to sign the deal, but claimed that she is in regular touch with the director of the film. According to The Times of India, Nusraat Faria said, “I liked the script and my character, but I am yet to sign on the dotted line. My role is pivotal to the plot and we have to do a look test for that.”
Revealing the plot, director Bishnu Dutta said, “Emraan is a CBI officer, who quits his job after an accident and starts working as a private detective. Nawazuddin plays a business honcho and Paayel,  his  wife.
She thinks every girl is better looking than her and her husband struggles to handle her tantrums. Ashutosh Rana plays a doctor who tries to treat her but fails. What happens next is what the film is all about. I can’t disclose much about Nusraat’s character now. All I say is that it has shades of grey. Apoorva Joseph, the casting director, helped me get through to Paayel and Nusraat.”
The music of the film will be directed by ‘Aashiqui-2’ famed musician Mithoon and film’s shooting will take place in Kolkata and Pune from the end of October.
To note, Nusraat Faria’s first film is set to release in different divisional districts and district cities besides Dhaka during Eid-ul-Azha.  l