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Prices of vegetables, chicken rise
Staff Reporter

Prices of vegetables, chicken rise

Three weeks into Ramadan, prices of vegetables and chicken have increased, making it difficult for ordinary people to buy these items. Buyers said vegetable and broiler chicken prices have increased in the capital's kitchen markets compared to last week. Broiler chicken was sold at Tk 10-15 more per kg. Prices of vegetables have risen by Tk 5-6. Traders said heavy rain has damaged vegetables. Shortage of supply has led to a spurt in the price of chicken (broiler) and it may decrease after Eid.

Visiting markets, including Karwan Bazar, it has been known that domestic chicken is being sold at Tk 450 each and broiler chicken at Tk 160-170. The Pakistani variety red cock was sold at Tk 280-320 on Thursday, marking a rise of Tk 30-40 in a week. Chicken traders said there is no possibility of the prices falling before Eid. It will continue to rise every day.

Prices of vegetables have also increased. Traders said last week they sold chillies at Tk 25 per kg. This week it has risen to Tk 50. Besides, the price of each vegetable rose by Tk5. Broiler chicken traders said the demand has risen and so prices are high.

Cucumber and carrot are being sold at Tk 40. Almost all vegetables, including eggplants, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, ladies finger, string beans and snake gourd are on the increased price list. The price of teasel gourd is Tk 50-60.

Papaya is being sold at Tk 40-45 per kg. Prices of chillies have increased by Tk 5-10 and are being sold at Tk 50-55

a kg.

Red spinach, green spinach, jute leafy vegetables are being sold at Tk 15-20 more than last week.

The price of snake gourd, which was sold at Tk 40 a kg last week, has increased to Tk 60-70.

Although Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) fixed prices of meat, including beef and mutton, for Ramadan, meat traders are violating the order and charging customers more.

Visiting different kitchen markets, this correspondent found that beef was selling at Tk 500 a kg and mutton Tk 750.

Asked about the reason for the price rise, one of the vendors told The Independent that vegetables have been damaged in excessive rain and so prices are rising.

The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) is selling five necessary items—soyabean oil, sugar, red lentils, grams and dates—at relatively low prices.

Consumers said most traders are not following rules and prices fixed by the authorities. There are allegations against the authorities that they are not monitoring the market to keep prices of Ramadan goods at a reasonable level.