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Eid shopping gains momentum in Tangail, Jashore
Our Correspondents

Eid shopping gains momentum in Tangail, Jashore

This photo shows a shopkeeper displays a dress to customers at City Plaza in Jashore town on Thursday. Independent photo

With Eid-ul-Fitr only a days away, shopping has gained momentum in Tangail city. Shopping malls and markets are recording huge footfalls.

Customers are now thronging Hira Super Market, Cooperative Market, Mahmudul Hasan College Market, Tangail Plaza, Habibur Rahman Plaza and other markets for last-minute shopping.

Kids’ corners are being decorated with various items. Frocks, mini-skirts, lahengas and three pieces called Paglu, Jhelik, Karina, Kolfa, Katrina, Jhinukmala, Masakkali, Shakira and Spice Girl are the most attractive items for little girls this Eid. T-shirts, shirts, panjabis, fatuas and short panjabis are the popular items for boys.

Buyers said that kids dresses were selling at a higher rate than that of that of the previous year. Aminul, a salesman at Tangail Plaza, told this correspondent the prices could be attributed to beautiful ornamentation in the dresses.

Three pieces called Octopus, Dabang, Paglu, Masakkali, Tissue, Suti, Indian Gipsy are the favourite choices for young girls.

Sudhir Saha, manager of Unish-Kuri Fashion House, said Octopus was being sold for Tk. 1,800–3,000, Dabang for Tk. 2,500–5,500, Paglu for Tk. 3,000–7,500, Masakkali for Tk. 1,100–1,500, Tissue for Tk. 2,000–3,000 and Suti  for Tk. 1,500–2,500.

Kani Boshak, manager of Mone Moontoo Sari House, said saris  remained an eternal favourite for women. He also said that a piece of suti-botique sari was being sold for Tk. 525–2,000, cotton zamdani for Tk. 750–2,550, chosha for Tk. 2,000–3,000, half silk for Tk. 1,250–3,500, gas silk for Tk. 1,550–3,550, silk zamdani for Tk. 3,000–7,000, jute silk for Tk. 3,500–8,500, mashlaish cotton for  Tk. 2,250–3,500, andi chosha for Tk. 7,500, sharna katan for Tk. 12,500–15,900, zamdani of Dhaka for Tk. 4,500–52,000, soft silk for Tk. 2,900–3,700.

Monowara Begum, a customer from Ghatail upazila, said she could not come to the market earlier due to rain. "The prices are higher than those of previous year," she added.

Also, Diesel, De four you, Semi-narrow, China and Thai trousers are favourite for young boys. Shirts and pants were being sold at higher prices, Akram, a student of Sadat Government College, told the Correspondent yesterday.

He said that he had bought a pair of trousers for Tk. 900 last year. But he bought the same brand for Tk. 1,400 this Eid.

Ashfaqur Rahman, owner of Farash Fashion, said that the prices  increased with the addition of excise duty. He also said that a piece of Indian panjabi was being sold for Tk. 1,200-2000, while every piece of short panjabi was being sold for Tk. 350–1,500.

Taking the advantage of the rush at shopping malls and markets, some traders have been earning huge profit.

The owner of Farash Fashion said that the prices of yearn and other materials increased over time. "As a result, prices of commodities have also increased," he said.

The city's footpaths have been taken over by hawkers. Low-income  people are buying products from their makeshift pavement shops.

Constant monitoring of the RAB and police has helped shopping malls to remain open at night.

Our Jashore correspondent adds: Eid marketing in Jashore district town is at its peak. Busy shopping areas at M. M.Ali Road and Kapuria Patty in the town are being crowded every day as Eid shoppers throng this phese places.

Talking to some local traders, including Jashore Cloth Store, Mannasha Bastralay, Unique Cloth Stores, AK Biswas Cloth Store, it has been found that the turnout of women customers is higher this year. Some customers said that the prices of different Eid items, including saris, panjabis, shirts, trousers, and shoes, had sharply risen before the coming Eid.

Extra security measures have been taken around the shopping malls by the police administration for ensuring security for both customers and traders.