POST TIME: 8 June, 2018 00:00 00 AM
“Black garlic” and “goat yogurt” to lure your taste buds

“Black garlic” and “goat yogurt” to lure your taste buds

During the coming 5th China-South Asia Expo to be held on June 14 to 20, nearly 30 agricultural enterprises from Yunnan provincial capital city of Kunming will attend the event and exhibit their unique, high quality and competitive products.

According to the Kunming Municipal Agricultural Bureau, more than 50 agricultural entrepreneurs had registered to attend the Expo. And after strict selecting,  30 of them are listed qualified. Among them, Yunnan Lilu Agricultural Technical Co., Ltd shines for its more than 100 types of high-tech preserved fresh flower products which have been exported to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, UK and other countries.

In the No.2 Agricultural pavilion, the products from Kunming will be displayed with the theme “Industrial integration and green development”. Unlike static exhibition, images, words, voice, light and electricity will be comprehensively used to show the agricultural development in Kunming. Visitors to the exhibition area can taste the Schizothorax taliensis which is known as the “elf of jade pool”, the new star of health products “black garlic” and unique beverage “goat yogurt”, etc.