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Sujata acts in Eid tele-drama ‘Patri Chai Na’
The tele-drama to be aired on RTV in Eid
DL reporter

Sujata acts in Eid tele-drama ‘Patri Chai Na’

As any suitable characters are not being created in the recent films for her, veteran film actress Sujata is nowadays seen active more on the small screen. So that she has to pay more attention to TV plays as far as her livelihood is concerned.

Among the directors, who try to make tele-dramas with Sujata, Maruf Mithu is working more with her. Sujata has recently completed the work of Maruf Mithu-directed tele-drama ‘Patri Chai Na’. Written by Maruf Rehman, Sujata has played the role of the mother of popular actor Salauddin Lavlu in the tele-drama for the upcoming Eid.

DhakaLive has news that the shooting of the tele-drama completed in the meantime.

Sujata said about working in the tele-drama, “I am acting in a drama serial under the direction of Maruf. As a director, Maruf is doing wonderful. He also provided me an opportunity to act in the Eid tele-drama. The story of ‘Patri Chai Na’ is beautiful. I hope it will be admired by the viewers.”

“My special request to the directors that if there is any character for me in your projects, I should be given an opportunity. Because, I am an actress and I don’t feel good to spend idle time at home. I keep well and fit, as long as I work for the industry”, she added.

Tele-drama ‘Patri Chai Na’ will be aired on RTV during the Eid-ul-Fitr, Maruf Mithu informed.

Moreover, Sujata is acting regularly in Maruf Mithu-directed drama serial ‘Volume-ta Koman’. She is appearing as the aunt of Mir Sabbir in this drama serial.

To note, Sujata as a heroine came to limelight with playing the titular role in the film ‘Rupban’ in 1965. The film was considered to be a milestone in the country’s film industry. After that, she acted in numerous films. She also directed a film titled ‘Arpan’. Besides, she contributed to the film industry as a producer. She produced a number of notable films like ‘Chena Ochena’, ‘Takar Khela’, ‘Protinidhi’, ‘Arpan’, ‘Rupbaner Rupkotha’, ‘Bodla’, ‘Rong Berong’ and ‘Ekhane Akash Nil’, among others.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed