POST TIME: 24 May, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Apurba, Monalisa pair up together once again
DL reporter

Apurba, Monalisa pair up together once again

Apurba and Monalisa, two immensely popular artistes of the country’s small screen, are currently very busy with tele-dramas and telefilms on the occasion of upcoming Eid. Apurba remains busy with acting round the year. On the other hand, Monalisa, who lives abroad, acts in different projects at the request of the directors whenever she comes to the country for the vacation. Likewise, she is very busy with acting in the various Eid projects after coming to home this vacation too.

Like the other years, Monalisa will be seen appearing opposite Apurba in the Eid tele-drama. Pairing up together, the duo has acted in Ashfaq Nipun-directed tele-drama ‘Hoyto Tomar Kachhei Jabo’ for the upcoming Eid. The shooting of the tele-drama completed on May 21 at a shooting house named Apanghar-3 in Uttara of the capital.

Monalisa said about acting in ‘Hoyto Tomar Kachhei Jabo’, “I am under huge work pressure after coming to home this time. I am trying to work in the dramas containing wonderful stories. I liked the story of this tele-drama when I heard it from Nipun Ashfaq. My character here is a challenging one. I have tried my best to portray the character properly. I am really hopeful about the tele-drama”.

“Apurba has always been very cooperative. I felt it once again while working together in this tele-drama”, she added.

Apurba said, “I liked the story of the tele-drama very much. It seems to be different. Along with the entire unit, Ashfaq Nipun, Monalisa and I have tried our best to present a good production to the viewers. Besides, amazing performance of Monalisa didn’t give any chance to feel anyone that she has returned to acting after two years.”

‘Hoyto Tomar Kachhei Jabo’ will be aired on Banglavison during the Eid-ul-Fitr.

Photo courtesy l Mohsin Ahmed