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Arifin Shuvo excited for ‘Debi’
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Arifin Shuvo excited for ‘Debi’

It is in the air that ‘Debi’ is coming. Social media is high on its advent. Actor Arefin Shuvo posted a video on his Facebook page, wishing all the best for the movie, acted and produced by Jaya Ahsan, set to be released this year.

“Jaya Ahsan’ is one of my favourite artists,” he said in the video.  

“We were co-stars before. She was only our artiste then. Now she came upon the global stage. ‘Debi’ is the first movie produced by Jaya Ahsan. You know, it is coming alive very soon,” he further said.

“The movie stars Jaya Ahsan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Shabnam Faria, Iresh Jaker, and other talented artistes. I believe that all of you will enjoy it.”

“Everyone knows about Jaya’s brilliance as an actor - after a long time, there is another movie everyone is going to enjoy along with family”.

“The film will be released on July 20. I’ll watch the movie. You will watch it too. Anam Biswas, one of the accomplished directors in recent time, directed the movie.”

The movie has been made with the help of a government grant. Late writer Humayun Ahmed’s novel ‘Debi’ is going to come alive. Famous actor Chanchal Chowdhury played the role of the mystery character Misir Ali from the novel.  

Earlier, Arifin Shuvo starred with Jaya Ahsan in a film titled ‘Premkahini 2’.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed