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‘Gamaru’ to portray a tricky story
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‘Gamaru’ to portray a tricky story

New generation artistes Irfan Sazzad and Sallha Khanam Nadia are coming together in an Eid tele-drama titled ‘Gamaru’ directed by Sohel Sumon.

In the tele-drama, Irfan will play the character of Sajal while Nadia will be seen playing the character of Urmi. ‘Gamaru’ also includes Shabnam Parvin and Khalilur Rahman Kaderi, among others, in two roles.  

The story of the tele-drama follows as Sajal has to meet a girl named Urmi for marriage according his parents’ choice. He likes Urmi, but she gives Sajal a challenge to prove himself as a courageous person. As a part of the challenge, Sajal had to elope with Urmi to an unknown place, had to bear all the tantrum of Urmi and many more. The story turns into another direction with a new twist due to an uncertain development and the tele-drama continues.

The tele-drama ‘Gamaru’ is scheduled to air on a satellite TV channel during the upcoming


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