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Skin savers
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Skin savers

Sticky face, sticky skin, sticky scalp is the unholy summer trinity, according to dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty. And anyone who has lived through an Indian summer knows that the doc is right. It’s a time when temperature touches the high 40s and your skin scales down to new lows. But herbal beauty doyenne Shahnaz Husain says that it’s not that difficult to get a glowing skin, as long as you look after internal health and external beauty. Her advice? Eating right (fresh fruits, salads, sprouts, yogurt, leafy vegetables etc), drinking lots of water, avoiding sun exposure.

For some extra glow, don’t look any further than your kitchen pantry. Use rose water, cucumber, khus, aloe vera as natural coolants. Use green tea, apple cider vinegar, potato, tomato, lemon and even white wine to tone the skin, suggests Husain. Herbal beauty expert Suparna Trikha swears by lemons and watermelons as skin refreshers. Here are a few recipes for a glow that stays.


You need: 1 glass of watermelon juice
1 glass rose water
10 mint leaves (crushed)

Mix well together and freeze in an ice tray. Whenever you are coming in from the sun, rub this on your skin. It will soothe, refresh and tone the skin. Wash face with cold water after some time.


You need: 2 tsp fuller’s earth
2 tsp sandalwood powder
2 tsp mashed papaya
cold milk (enough to make a smooth paste)

Clean the skin and apply this mask on your face. Keep it till it dries. Wash off with cold water. This mask has cleansing enzymes that make your skin squeaky clean and help get rid of tan.


You need: 1 grated cucumber
1 mashed banana
1 mashed avocado
2 eggs

milk to mix

Mix all the ingredients and apply to hair from roots to ends. Leave on for 30 minutes and shampoo with a mild herbal wash to reveal lustrous, soft, healthy hair.


You need: 1 tbsp sesame seeds

few dried mint leaves


Crush seeds coarsely and powder mint leaves. Mix them with a little honey and apply on the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rub gently and wash off with water. Sesame seeds have sun protective properties and soothe sun-damaged skin.

OATS to you

You need: 1 tbsp oats
1 egg white

Works best for oily skin with blackheads. Take the oats and give one turn in the mixer. Mix it with egg white. Apply on the face and leave for 20 minutes. Moisten with water. Rub gently and wash off.


You need: 1 tbsp each of grated apples ripe papaya pulp

mashed banana
yogurt or lemon juice (can be added)

Make a thick paste. Apply it on the face and leave for half an hour. You can store the remaining paste for a few days. Wash off with plain water. It gives a good glow, removes tan and softens the skin.