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Aamer Chatni
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Aamer Chatni

Aamer Chatni is a Bengali delightful chutney recipe which is loved by the people all over India. This easy-to-make recipe is made with simple ingredients such as mango, sugar, vegetable oil, mustard seeds and turmeric and has amazing flavors in it. So explore the exquisite taste of the king of the fruits, by preparing this simple recipe. The tangy taste of the chutney adds a new twist to your meals. You can serve this delicious recipe with any fritter, tikki or any other snack of your choice and enjoy the amazing flavors of the duo, to add on to the flavors don't forget to have a piping hot cup of tea too. Serve this chutney to your loved ones during special occasions such as game night, kitty party and even picnics.

Ingredients of Aamer Chatni

1 kilograms raw mango
1 teaspoon salt
1 pinch turmeric
170 ml water
4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
3 tablespoon vegetable oil

How to make Aamer Chatni

Step 1

Wash and clean the mangoes. Peel the mangoes and using a clean chopping board, chop them and keep them aside until needed again.

Step 2

Keep a pressure cooker on medium flame and add oil in it. Next, add the mustard seeds and allow them to splutter.

Step 3

Once that happens, add turmeric followed by chopped mangoes, water and salt. Cover the cooker with the lid and allow the mixture to be cooked for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 4

Wait until the pressure cooker is at highest pressure (don't let the whistle blow), immediately reduce the flame to low and cook the mixture for another 5 minutes. Carefully remove the steam from the cooker.

Step 5

Remove the lid of the pressure cooker and transfer it back on high flame. Add in sugar in the mango mixture.

Step 6

Mix till the sugar is dissolved completely and the consistency of the mixture thickens. Transfer the chutney in a bowl. Serve!