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Clarification from China Harbour Engineering

Clarification from 
China Harbour 

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) yesterday sent a clarification on a news item headlined “Gorai River Dredging: New project taken up at Tk 969 crore” that was printed on April 7, 2018. In a statement, the China-based company said CHEC was awarded the job “Dredging of Gorai River (1st Year Capital Dredging and 2nd Year Maintenance Dredging) of “Gorai River Restoration Project (Phase-ii)” of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) under the Ministry of Water Resources of the Govt of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh against contract agreement No. GRRP-01/2010-11, Dated: 20-09-2010” through a competitive bidding procedure.

“Accordingly, CHEC successfully completed the capital dredging in June 2011, maintenance dredging in May 2012 and handed over the project to BPWD. Being satisfied with the job BWDB awarded CHEC a certificate of successful performance on February 6, 2013. It needs to be mentioned here that like in other dredging projects around the globe, there was no ‘defect liability period’ clause in the agreement,” added the statement.

“It is also worthy to mention here that according to the hydro-morphologicalstudies conducted by the Institute of Water Modelling (IWM) and BWDB, for maintaining navigability and normal water flow, Gorai River needs regular maintenance dredging. Accordingly, after handing over the project by CHEC, the BPWD authority procured two dredgers for maintenance dredging,” said the statement.

The company said CHEC has been working in Bangladesh for over last 20 years and takes the pride of being associated with numerous development projects including 5 major dredging projects of the country. CHEC today is recognized as the second largest dredging companies in the world, the company added.

The CHEC is known and functioning in over 80 countries. Company’s main achievement has been completing the job within the stipulated time frame and allotted budget.

“CHEC has been maintaining an office in Bangladesh since the very beginning and presently employs around 3,000 Bangladeshi and Chinese employees at their various projects in the country. CHEC has constantly been working on introduction of innovative and money saving technology in their Bangladesh projects, based on their research and global experience. They have sincerely been contributing to the capacity building of local employees over the years,” added the statement.