POST TIME: 23 April, 2018 06:26:50 PM
Sujan wants army deployment during election
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Sujan wants army deployment during election

Sushashoner Janno Nagorik (Sujan), a civic platform, on Monday stressed on the need for army deployment in the next general election.

Speaking at a roundtable at National Press Club, Sujan leaders said the authorities concerned should take the media reports about the Election Commission into cognizance otherwise it will be hard to establish people’s right to franchise.

Executive member of Sujan and a local government expert Dr Tofail Ahmed presented the keynote while Sujan President Badiul Alam Mazumder conducted the event, reports UNB.

Former Election Commissioner Brigadier General,  M Sakhawat Hossain , M Hafiz Uddin, Syed Abul Maksud, Rumin Farhana, Khalekuzzaman and Pathan Azad were, among others, attended the roundtable.

Dr Tofail Ahmed said “People have the right to exercise their franchise fearlessly in the upcoming City Corporation Elections and in the general election. It’s a civil right as well as a constitutional right and it is the duty of the government to give back the rights.”

M Sakhawat Hossain stressed on the need for strengthening the security measures for fair holding of the election. 

Rumin Farhana, said “It is doubtful that the voters will return to their home safely after casting their votes as casting votes in polling centres is risky now.”