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CU dormitories get ‘home delivery’ of drugs

CU dormitories get ‘home delivery’ of drugs

Drug peddling is a known problem on the Chittagong University (CU) campus. Of late, drug peddlers have started to supply drugs to the dormitories of the university. This has increased drug abuse among residential students, who are increasingly participating in anti-social activities under the spell of drugs.

Several teachers and students of the university have alleged that certain university employees, Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leaders, and outsiders have been providing room service to the dormitories.

Earlier, peddlers and addicts used to gather near tea stalls, the arts building, central playground, CU railway station, Law Faculty canteen, CU College, Suhrawardi Hall, CU Museum, and some cottages in front of Shahamant Hall. But now, the peddlers are delivering their products directly to students residing in the dormitories.

According to sources, Shaheen (alias), a peddler, daily comes from a village to the CU campus to sell drugs. Besides, Ziaul (alias), an employee of the physical education department, Fazlul (alias), a shopkeeper in ladies jhupri, and several BCL leaders have been supplying drugs to the dormitories.

Some students have alleged that with the assistance of certain BCL men, outsiders have been selling drugs on the campus and to the dormitories.

A teacher of CU yesterday said that these hideous acts are not the work of a single man or a group. A powerful cartel controls the drug trade with ties to the administration and ruling parties. "This issue has to be strongly addressed as addicts and drugs traders usually get involved in anti-social and subversive activities," he added.

“In the evening, the smell of drugs spreads to almost all the dormitories of the university. We can't sit at our tables because of that foul smell. For a few days, we have noticed that some outsiders have been roaming the dormitories and it seems that something illegal is taking place”, said Fahim Hasan, a residential student of AF Rahman Hall, yesterday.

The residential students of AF Rahman Hall have said that at least 10 rooms have been known to be used for drug binges. The BCL and its affiliate left-leaning bodies control these rooms.

On 23 November 2017, the CU authorities caught four students collecting contraband yaba tablets from AF Rahman Hall. The students were caught in Room 323 of the dormitory. All of them were BCL activists of the CU unit. At that time, a reporter met some of the leaders of the BCL's CU unit, but they refused to talk about the incident.

The situation in the other six male dormitories—Shahjalal Hall, Shahamant Hall, Alaol Hall, Suhrawardi Hall, Abdur Rab Hall, and Master Da Surya Sen Hall—is not any better.

When the university is closed for vacation, the situation becomes worse as the deserted campus is taken over by drug peddlers, according to several staff members living on the campus.

A couple of months ago, the proctorial body found around 100 empty bottles of phensedyl in a toilet of the Arts Faculty. In the middle of the year, the authorities seized a large amount of hemp from Adbur Rab Hall.

Recently, the authorities seized 20 units of yaba tablets from a room in Shumsunahar Hall at night.

“There are many addicts in the female dormitories. They take the drugs to their rooms. Some have been spotted on the roof taking drugs. Most of the female addicts are involved in student politics,” said a source.

CU's chief security officer Md Bajol Haque said: “We're aware of the situation. We've increased vigilance and have been conducting routine drives against drug peddlers and addicts. We've formed a mobile team that goes around the campus every day from 2pm to midnight.”

When contacted, CU proctor Md Ali Asgor Chowdhury said: “We've increased monitoring to curb abuse and trade of drugs on the campus. We've raided many places on the campus, including dormitories”.

“We show zero tolerance for drug abuse on the campus. We've taken various initiatives to keep the problem in check. If anyone informs us about these drug peddlers, we'll take action instantly,” he added.