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Exotic Thai Dish Recipe
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Exotic Thai Dish Recipe

Exotic Thai Dish made with prawns is an extremely delicious Thai recipe that is very popular around the world. This easy recipe can be made with just a few ingredients and doesn't need much effort from your side. This main dish recipe is simply a treat for foodies who dig seafood and can be savored by adults and children, alike. Made from prawns fried to perfection and then infused with tangy sauces, this non-vegetarian recipe is absolutely mouth-watering and can satiate the foodie in you. Occasions like buffets, potlucks, anniversaries or dates are apt to relish this amazing recipe and is sure to woo your guests without much hard work. Go ahead an surprise your loved ones with this simple recipe today!

Ingredients of Exotic Thai Dish

150 gm prawns
30 gm onion
15 gm black pepper
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon fish sauce
1 teaspoon corn flour
black pepper as required
1/2 cup water
30 gm capsicum (green pepper)
30 gm spring onions
15 gm garlic
1 teaspoon light soya sauce
1/2 teaspoon chicken broth
salt as required
1/2 cup virgin olive oil

For Garnishing

1 handful coriander leaves

How to make Exotic Thai Dish

Step 1

Start by marinating the prawns with salt and pepper and set them aside. After some time, dust them with 1/2 teaspoon of cornflour and mix well. Heat some oil in a pan over medium flame and add the marinated prawns to it. Fry them till they turn crispy and golden brown.

Step 2

In another pan, heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium flame.Once hot, add chopped garlic and black pepper in it. Saute for a while and then add in the chopped capsicum, onions, spring onions along with the fried prawns. Saute all of them for some time and then pour water, chicken broth, light soya sauce, fish sauce and oyster sauce in it. Mix them well and then add in the remaining cornflour to thicken the gravy. Let it cook for some time.

Step 3

Once cooked, transfer the dish on a serving plate and garnish with coriander leaves.