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Third span of Padma Bridge installed

Third span of Padma Bridge installed

The third span of the Padma Bridge is being placed on the 39th and 40th pillars of the mega project being constructed on the country’s own fund. The picture was taken from Mawa point in Munshiganj yesterday. Photo: Nabiulla Nabi

The third span of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) was installed on Pillars 7C 39 and 40 and the fourth span of the PMB will be set up soon, PMB project director Md Shafiqul Islam announced yesterday (Sunday). “We have just completed the installation of the third span of the PMB. We hope the fourth span will be installed within a month,” he said while talking to The Independent. The overall progress of the much-anticipated PMB has risen to more than 57 per cent, he said in reply to a query. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the relevant ministries had earlier pledged that the government would open up the much-cherished USD-3.692-billion bridge project to the people by December 2018.

“We are trying to complete the construction of the main bridge within the stipulated time. The construction of approach roads and other auxiliary works have been almost completed,” Md Shafiqul iIslam said. The installation of the third span has increased the completed length of the bridge to 450 metres.

Each of the spans is being installed at heights of 120 feet from the water level of the Padma. A four-lane road would be constructed on these spans.

The first span of the Padma Bridge was installed atop Pillars 37 and 38 at Janjira point of Shariatpur on October 7 last year. This was followed by the installation of the second span on Pillars 38 and 39 on January 23. Once completed, the Padma Bridge will stand on 42 pillars, including two transition pillars on land, with a total length of 6.15km.

The bridge, which will connect the country's southern region with the capital, will give a massive boost to communications and trade and economic activities.