POST TIME: 11 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Uganda launches joint industrial park with China in Mbale

Uganda launches joint industrial park with China in Mbale

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni launched on Friday an industrial park jointly developed by Chinese investors in the African country's eastern district of Mbale, reports XINHUA.

The park, covering an area of about 2.51 square km, stretches into three villages in Bukasakya sub-county.

The Chinese involvement in the Mbale Industrial Park will promote the industrialization process of the country, boost its economy and improve the living standards of local citizens, Museveni said.

Calling upon Ugandans to provide amiable hospitality towards Chinese investors, the president said the project will employ people in neighboring and far-off areas.P

Zhang Zhigang, chairperson of Tian Tang Group, a Chinese firm with 16 years of existence in the country, said he believes the park will create more than 15,000 local jobs after its completion.

"We plan to bring in 50 companies to the park, dealing in glass, furniture and machine manufacturing, food processing, smart phone and car assembly, new energy and so on," he said.

Uganda's good governance has facilitated investment of Chinese firms in the nation, Zhang said, adding that they expected to "make the park a manufacturing center for Uganda and export the products to the whole of Africa and even the world."