POST TIME: 11 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Australia to be exempted from US tariffs

Australia to be exempted from 
US tariffs

Canberra: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed Australia will be exempt from US President Donald Trump’s new steel and aluminium tariffs — but denied the two leaders are working towards a new “security agreement”, reports ABC News.

Mr Trump all but confirmed the exemption earlier yesterday when he tweeted he had spoken to Mr Turnbull, who he said was “committed to having a very fair and reciprocal military and trade relationship”.

“Working very quickly on a security agreement so we don’t have to impose steel or aluminium tariffs on our ally, the great nation of Australia!” he tweeted.

Mr Turnbull replied, hailing the “great discussion on security and trade” and thanking Mr Trump for confirming new tariffs “won’t have to be imposed” on Australia.

“I was very pleased the President was able to confirm he would not have to impose tariffs on Australian steel and aluminium,” he later told journalists.

“You have to be relentless in fighting for Australian jobs and Australian exports and that’s what I’ve done.”