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Managing bodies ‘flouting rules

Managing bodies ‘flouting rules

The primary and mass education ministry is receiving complaints against school management committees (SMCs) of newly nationalised primary schools. According to such complaints, these schools are recruiting new teachers by cancelling the jobs of those who were with the institutions before nationalisation. It is alleged that committee members are recruiting teachers of their choice by terminating the services of existing teachers on various pretexts. SMC members are allegedly doing this by taking hefty sums from the new recruits, ministry sources said. The government nationalised 26,365 non-government primary schools in 2013. As per the procedure, educational institutions are nationalised first and the teachers are nationalised in subsequent phases. The teachers of 23,500 primary schools have been nationalised in the first phase and those of 1,772 primary schools in the second phase. The work of the third phase is in progress.

When the government is gradually nationalising teachers, many SMCs have allegedly recruited teachers of their choice by cancelling the jobs of existing teachers. But, as per the law, recruitments are to remain suspended when educational institutions are being nationalised.

The ministry said it was facing such problems almost daily and ministry officials were appearing before the court to explain the position. Ministry sources said this was hampering their daily work, while preliminary reports suggest field-level education officers, too, are conniving with the SMCs.

As a result, the nationalisation process of the teachers is being hampered or delayed due to the filing of complaints against the SMCs. “The SMCs are desperate to recruit teachers after the nationalisation of schools. We have received complaints against many SMCs that they are recruiting teachers in exchange for huge sums of money,” Dr AFM Manzur Kadir, additional secretary of the primary and mass education ministry, told The Independent recently.

“The problem has cropped up after the absorption of schools under the nationalisation programme. Several cases have gone to court. The SMCs make false resolutions and fake attendance records of the teachers whom they recruit in exchange for money and strike off the names of previous teachers,” he added.

He also said the ministry has resolved several such cases, but new complaints against various SMCs keep coming almost daily. “We listen to both sides and then reach a solution, but in some cases the matter goes to court. As a result, the process of nationalisation of teachers is getting delayed,” he added.

“SMCs are misusing their power and recruiting teachers of their choice before the existing teachers are nationalised,” he said. Manzur Kadir also said: “We have reports that some district-level officers are involved. As a result, the SMCs have become reckless. We are doing our best to tackle the problem. The ministry will not spare anybody found involved in illegal activities while recruiting teachers.”

The Ministry for Primary and Mss Education will issue a gazette of the teachers of 584 schools under the nationalisation process next week, ministry sources said.

The ministry said it would issue a gazette of 2,336 assistant teachers of these primary schools in the third phase. As per rule, a primary school has a headmaster and four assistant teachers. The Public Service Commission would directly recruit headmasters. The ministry has submitted the number of headmasters required to the PSC. Besides, the ministry is working on the creation of posts in 299 primary schools, sources said.

The ministry, in the first phase, created 22,921 posts and 1,719 in the second. The ministry said the third phase is the final one for nationalisation of teachers. Recruitment of nationalised teachers in schools that are facing cases in court will be delayed, ministry sources said. The cases are due to various problems, one of them being intervention of SMCs in the recruitment process.