POST TIME: 9 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Ankhi, Asif together in ‘Tiptip Brishti’
DL reporter

Ankhi, Asif together in ‘Tiptip Brishti’

Audience-admired singing duo Ankhi Alamgir and Asif Akbar are coming up together once again with a music video titled ‘Tiptip Brishti’. Directed by young director Bhaskar Jony, the composition and music arrangement of the song are done by Tarun Munshi. DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘Tiptip Brishti’ has been completed in Pubail few days ago. This will be the latest song of Ankhi and Asif after their last duet ‘Beshamal’.

Ankhi Alamgir said, “I really liked the entire arrangement of the song to reach out to the audience. Also, the audience has a unique fondness for our duet song and they also admire our performance as well. We have tried our level best to present them a good song, and I believe the audience will be fascinated by our new song.”

Asif Akbar shared his experience of working in the music video, “Ankhi and I always get proposals to render duet numbers, but we are always cautious about working together. We only agree to work together when we are satisfied with the composition and music of the song.”

“The song ‘Tiptip Brishti’ has got all the quality we were looking for and thus we have rendered the song together. The entire song was really splendid and Jony has produced the music video of the song with a lot of care. I hope that the audience will like our song,” he also added.

Under the banner of Dhruba Music Station, the music video of ‘Tiptip Brishti’ will be released soon.