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Imbibing moral lessons in children

Imbibing moral lessons in children

President Abdul Hamid, while inaugurating the National Primary Education Week-2018 at Osmani Memorial Hall in the city on Tuesday, rightly said all parents want to witness the success of their children, but the achievement having no moral base is unacceptable. The recent incidents of question paper leaks in different public examinations came to his discussion. He advised that teachers and guardians should have to take initiative to give proper education to the students so that they stay away from any kind of wrongdoing and unethical activities.   

Morality describes the principles that govern our behaviour. Without these principles in place, societies cannot survive for long. In today's world, morality is frequently thought of as belonging to a particular religious point of view, but by definition, we see that this is not the case. Everyone adheres to a moral doctrine of some kind. But it is disturbing to note that there is no dearth of people bereft of morality in this country. They always look for opportunity to indulge in dubious deals to serve their purpose. Here morality or values take a back seat. Arresting of people red-handed for receiving bribes makes newspaper headlines some times.

Children are the future of Bangladesh. If their early education begins in a dubious situation it will be difficult for them to march ahead. Parents, teachers and guardians can help a lot in shaping their moral character. Parents should give their children enough time for sports and entertainment not burdening them with books all the time. Corruption eats into the vitals of a society, weakens the state machinery and erodes the credibility of the government. This menace is not only confined to government departments, it has engulfed almost all sectors. Successive governments have attempted to fight corruption with no tangible success. The country’s position in terms of corruption index speaks volumes of it. Corruption increases overhead costs to projects and encourages underhand deals. Shady deals expose the common people to suffering while the persons in high positions reap the benefits. By bringing discipline, accountability and transparency at various government offices corruption can be checked remarkably. Cooperation of the taxpayers along with the government efforts is needed for achieving this goal. The government should show zero tolerance against corruption. Chapters focusing importance of ethical behaviours should be added to the textbooks to generate awareness among students to check corruption and the teachers and the guardians have vital roles to play in this regard.