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Yunnan adopts ten-year visa policy for foreign professionals

Yunnan adopts ten-year visa policy for foreign professionals

On March 1, Yunnan issues its first foreign talent visa(R visa) to Thai zoologist Metha Wanapat(Left). Photo provided by YPAFEA

On March 1, the Yunnan Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(YPAFEA) issued its first foreign talent visa (R visa) to Metha Wanapat, a Thai zoologist. Starting from this month, southwest China’s Yunnan will issue ten-year R visas for skilled foreign workers. This means Yunnan has eased visa applications for foreign professionals.

Metha Wanapat is a renowned zoologist in both Asia and Australia. Of the process, he said, “Acquiring Yunnan’s first R visa, with the validity of ten years and multiple entries, is very exciting for me. The new system is very convenient, and I believe it will attract more people to work in Yunnan.”

The issuance of R visas is targeted at international high-level talents to fill urgently needed positions that will aid national economic and social development. Applicants who qualify as high-end talents include scientists, leading figures in technology-intensive sectors, international entrepreneurs and skilled workers. People falling under these categories can apply for the visas.

The visa is valid for up to ten years with multiple entries—180-day stays for a single entry—according to Yunnan Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Spouses and minor children of the applicants will be given the same visa.

For applicants who meet the proper standards, the provincial foreigner employment management department will issue an online confirmation letter to the invitation organization within five working days. Then they will exchange confirmation letters for high level international talents, as well as other information, with the Chinese embassy, consulate or other overseas agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the applicant’s country of origin. (More information, please visit http://english.yunnan.cn/html/2018/latestnews_0226/13600.html)