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Yunnan’s 2017 air quality ranks first in China

Yunnan’s 2017 air quality ranks first in China

Good air quality has helped Yunnan attract a large number of tourists. The photo taken recently in east Yunnan’s Luoping County shows that tourists are taking photos in a “sea” of the blooming rapeseed flowers. (Xinhua

At the recently-held 2018 Yunnan Provincial Environmental Protection Meeting, 98.2 percent of the days were of excellent air quality in the province last year. This ranked first in China National and provincial monitoring systems on at major rivers recorded excellent water quality rates of 82.6 percent, while major outbound and cross-border rivers registered water quality compliance rates of 100 percent. The Inter-Provincial Ranking of Green Development Index showed that Yunnan’s ecological protection index ranks second in China.

This year, Yunnan will focus on three special programmes designed to safeguard its clear waters and green mountains. The province will do a good job of environmental protection and ensure that the quality of its environment stays at the forefront of the country.