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Group art exhibition begins at EMK Center today
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Group art exhibition begins at EMK Center today

A group art exhibition titled ‘Us Women’, a wonderful collaboration of various young artists, will begin today at EMK Center in the capital’s Dhanmondi area.

EMK Center invites people to come and experience ‘Us Women’, not only because of the message that it attempts to convey and its importance in our world, but to also appreciate the efforts of the incredibly skilled young artists behind it.

This exhibition ‘Us Women’ brings forth a brilliant ensemble of some very talented female artists in the event of the International Women’s History Month 2018. The exhibition is not only a critical narration of the dire state of women worldwide, but also a celebration of female beauty and zeal at the same time. While the artworks may vary vastly in terms of the mediums used for their creation, they all cross paths in their humble attempt to tell a unique story – be it tragic, cynical, optimistic, or even factual – based on the artist’s personal experiences.

EMK Center believes in the exhibition’s gravitas and its potential to tell an extremely powerful story that is very much relatable and educational at the same time, and invites everyone to come and experience it.

The exhibition will remain open to all everyday from 9:30am to 8pm until March 22.

Where: EMK Center, House 5, Road 16 (Old 27), Dhanmondi

When: Inauguration: 5:30pm, today