POST TIME: 7 March, 2018 12:28:21 AM
Surveillance system for coastal areas soon

Surveillance system for coastal areas soon

The Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) is going to introduce the ‘Coastal Monitoring System’ (CMS) in coastal areas and sea boundaries to ensure proper surveillance on maritime routes. High-range radars and required software will be installed on the towers in the coastal outposts of the paramilitary force, according to sources. The BCG authorities have already started the process of introducing the CMS, the sources said.

A high-powered delegation of the paramilitary force recently visited a neighbouring country to observe the functioning of the monitoring system. BCG director general Rear Admiral AMMM Aurangzeb Chowdhury told The Independent that they would introduce the new surveillance system soon to protect the coasts and sea boundaries.

“We’ll be able to check coastal crimes and control piracy with the introduction of the CMS,” he said.

“The new system will be connected with the satellite through the radars in order to monitor the coastal areas and sea boundaries,” he also said.

“We'll introduce the new system in cooperation with the Bangladesh Navy and the shipping department,” he added.

Sources in the BCG said that some countries having coastal areas, including the US, China, India and Australia, are in communication with the paramilitary force to help it introduce the CMS.

The Indian coast guard has introduced the CMS long ago, they added.

The government will purchase all-weather ships, hovercraft, drones, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft soon to strengthen the activities of the BCG. The paramilitary force is also going to instal a ‘long-range identification and tracking and vessel trafficking, moni

toring, and information system’ to step up its capacity.

Meanwhile, the BCG, in cooperation with the US Pacific Command (USPACOM), a unified combatant command of the US armed forces responsible for the Pacific Ocean area, has constructed at least 30 coastal crisis management centres (CCMC) in different areas of the country’s coastline to help local people in times of natural disasters.

The BCG began its operational activities with two patrol craft on February 14, 1995. Its mission is to control piracy, illegal trafficking, protect fisheries resources, oil, gas and forest resources, stop environmental pollution in Bangladesh waters and coastal areas, ensure security and law and order through security assistance to sea ports, and conduct relief and rescue operations when needed.