POST TIME: 6 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 6 March, 2018 12:05:00 AM
Ghorasal 365 MW plant starts commercial operation

Ghorasal 365 MW plant starts commercial operation

Ghorasal 365 MW combined cycle power plant has started commercial operation with supply of electricity to the national grid, reports UNB.

The project was one of the 14 mega power projects undertaken by the government to improve the country's power supply situation.

Project Director of the scheme Tofazzal Hossain informed after some delay in the initial stage of the

project execution, finally the power plant started commercial operation from January 23.

However, as per the project schedule, the simple cycle unit of the plant was supposed to come into operation in June last year and the combined cycle unit on January 1 this year.

"Our plant has upto 390 MW generation capacity. But we're now supplying electricity as per requirement set by the load dispatch centre," he told the news agency.