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‘No new domestic gas connections’

‘No new domestic 
gas connections’

The discovery of new gas fields and the subsequent government decision to allow more industrial gas connections sparked some optimism among domestic users too. However, dashing their hopes, top government officials have confirmed that there are no plans to “provide new domestic gas connections”. Nasrul Hamid, the state minister for power, energy, and mineral resources, yesterday told The Independent that the government remains firm on its earlier decision of allowing “no new connection” for household use. On being asked whether the advisory committee that decided to give new industrial connections on Sunday had said anything about the possibility of new domestic connections, Hamid said: “We did not discuss anything about it at the meeting.”

Energy secretary Nazimuddin Ahmed Chowdhury told The Independent that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is available in most areas of the country.“LPG can be easily used for household purposes. It will be best if we shift to LPG,” he stressed.

He said the Energy Division has already come up with a comprehensive plan to replace the current piped gas with LPG. The Prime Minister’s Office had approved a ‘strategy paper’ on LPG use, instructing the agency concerned to incorporate the new provision in the Building Code, said Chowdhury. Once the provision is incorporated, it will be mandatory for building owners to introduce an LPG reser

voir system on the ground floor or the basement so that residents can use the gas from that system, he added.

“Under these circumstances, I don’t see any scope for providing any new piped gas connection to domestic users in future,” he said.

Energy expert Dr Nurul Islam lauded the government initiatives of giving new industrial gas connections as well as its strong stance of not allowing any new household connections. “Natural gas is among our most valuable assets and the reserve is dwindling. We should make the best use of it. Providing unlimited piped gas is not the best use of it,” he argued. The country currently has a proven gas reserve of 12–14 trillion cubic feet (TCF) with an annual usage of 1 TCF.