POST TIME: 4 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Dust pollution in the city
Our Correspondent

Dust pollution 
in the city

Dhaka’s air has rarely been healthy. Even this unhealthy air has virtually become noxious due to the inconceivable growth of dust which is harming the most the children when they come out home to go to school and other purposes. Their tender breathing system is certainly being devastated by the dust they inhale through air. But most painful is the fact that we do not, up until now, any serious effort from the government to mitigate this great problem.

There was a time when Dhaka used to look dark because of the black toxic fume of transport, and the introduction of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the vehicles, especially in the three-wheelers, reduced the pollution somewhat, but the quality of air was still not healthy because of dust and other pollutants.

But where from the city air is gaining all this dust? The source of dust is mainly the construction sites, be it buildings, roads and streets as well as constant digging in the city for some or other reasons. In the Mirpur area of the city, currently construction work of the metro rail and various streets by the DNCC is creating unprecedented dust in the place which is even further compounded by the dust produced by the construction of buildings.

But sadly, there is no effort from the metro rail construction authorities or DNCC or contractors of buildings to control the dust their sites are producing every day. They are oblivious to the fact that their negligence is greatly endangering the public health. The air has become in the place so dusty even the use of mask is failing to prevent them. And one need not go to a health expert to know the dust’s impact on the nasal and breathing system including the vital lungs. The unnatural sensation in soft tissues of the nostrils is proof enough that it is badly impacting the system.  

A little rain a few days ago brought some relief to the dust problem, and when the rainy season will arrive, the city dwellers will no longer have dusty air to inhale, but in the meantime the danger will be done. But, even more precarious would be the situation if we always look to nature to solve this problem.

Dust is created by people who are not taking any measure to control it, and if the government entities including the ministry of environment take some strong measures against the people who are polluting the air by creating dust, the city’s air quality will certainly improve. It is quite not understandable why the government is not taking the dust in air very seriously.