POST TIME: 3 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Jovan and Tisha in ‘Kinchit Somossa’
The duo appears in a social awareness tele-drama
DL Reporter

Jovan and Tisha in ‘Kinchit Somossa’

Audience-admired young artistes Jovan and Tanjin Tisha will be seen together in a social awareness tele-drama titled ‘Kinchit Somossa’. The drama is scripted by Ferari Farhad while it is directed by Sanjib Das.

The plot of the tele-drama revolves around the problem of deforestation. Regarding the plot of ‘Kinchit Somossa’, the director Sanjib Das said, “Trees are getting cut down on a regular basis and because of the deforestation, trees are cursing us continuously”.

“The plot of the tele-drama moves forward revolving on a curse of trees. At the end, the message is given that people could cut trees, but in exchange they also have to plant trees regularly”, he added.   

About his participation in the tele-drama, Jovan said,“I really liked the script of ‘Kinchit Somossa’. As a cautious artist, I have worked on this project with lots of care and it was a great experience for me”.

“Tisha has really improved her acting skills from the last time we worked together. We have eventually started working together at the same time”, Jovan remarked about working with Tisha.

Tisha said, “I work on projects with my highest level of dedication”. “This tele-drama is similar one and as a co-worker, Jovan is really nice”, added the actress.

Sanjib Das confirms that the awareness tele-drama ‘Kinchit Somossa’ will be aired in the current month in a reputed television channel.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed