POST TIME: 2 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Efficient drivers

Efficient drivers

It is a welcome piece of news that the government has set a target to give motor vehicle training to one lakh people free of cost in the next five years to make them efficient drivers in a bid to reduce road accidents by 50 per cent and meet the growing local and international demand of competent drivers. The government has currently decided to give training to 52,000 drivers under the project of Skills for Employment Investment Programme (SEIP) in the next three years from 2018 to 2020. Agreements have already been signed with SEIP and BRTC and BMET to this end.

Under the project, the drivers will not only be given motor vehicle driving training but also be given automobile mechanical training and moral education to make them truly efficient. They will also be taught two languages, English and Arabic, to make capable to get overseas jobs. There is no denying the fact that road accident has become the number one problem in the country. Road accidents occur almost everyday in the cities, towns and all the roads and highways across the country. Violation of traffic rules reigns supreme on the country's roads and highways.

Only trained drivers can be expected to comply with a strict legal traffic regime. Overworked and ill-paid drivers are not expected to be sensitive to the sanctity of life because they get a raw deal from the system. The main reasons behind road accidents are reckless driving, drivers bereft of training, unfit vehicles, roadside activities, poor enforcement of traffic laws, faulty road designs, culture of impunity, lack of road safety awareness, plying of motorised and non-motorised vehicles on the same road, and mental, physical and financial pressure on drivers.

The law enforcers do not have specialised training on application of traffic laws. Moreover, the errant drivers do not hesitate to commit the crime time and again since they always manage to go unpunished. It is sad but true that thousands of vehicles are running without fitness certificates. Allegation is there that many of the buses, trucks and other vehicles are getting fitness certificates without even going to the BRTA office. It is also imperative to pay special attention to road infrastructure and network. The poor condition of the majority of roads and highways in the country is one of the primary causes of road accidents.

The process of issuing driving license must be made foolproof to ensure that only the properly skilled drivers can have it.