POST TIME: 1 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Conjoined twins set to undergo rare surgery at DMCH

Conjoined twins set to undergo rare surgery 

Doctors of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) have completed the primary process to go for a rare surgery to separate another pair of twins — Rabeya and Rokaiya -- who are conjoined at the head, said doctors at the DMCH. “We completed the process today. It is necessary to go for a major operation. We have examined the blood circulation of the twins to determine whether we can conduct the surgery by stopping the blood circulation. We met with preliminary success,” said Dr Samanta Lal Sen, national coordinator of the DMCH's Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit, yesterday.

Talking to The Independent, he said they have found out a process to conduct the surgery by temporarily stopping the blood circulation of the twins.

On August 1 last year, the DMCH doctors had successfully separated twins Toufa and Tohura, conjoined at the lap, through a groundbreaking and complex operation at the DMCH.

Dr Sen said: “The decision to conduct the operation will be taken after three months when the foreign doctors, involved in the surgery, return and assess the changed condition of the twins.” He hoped that they would be able to go for a successful operation to separate Rabeya and Rokaiya. Replying to a question, he said the twins would stay in the hospital for one week more for observation. The twins are well, he said.

On Monday, the 21-member medical board completed the angiogram of the twins as part of the first phase of their operation. The one-year-and-seven-month-old twins were born at Amitkunda village of Chatmohor in Pabna. Their parents, Rafiqul Islam and Taslima Khatun, first brought them to the DMCH on November 20. They came again on February 21.