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Bangladesh has second-worst roads in Asia

Bangladesh has second-worst roads in Asia

Roads in Bangladesh are among the worst in Asia, according to the Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 released by the World Economic Forum. DataLEADS/ANN recently prepared an info graph based on the index. According to the graph, prepared in the scales of extensiveness and condition of road infrastructure, Singapore has the best road infrastructure alongside Japan and Taiwan. Of the countries considered, Bangladesh ranked at 113 among the Asian countries, only  followed by Nepal that ranked worst because of the lack of resources and hilly terrain--a major barrier to development. Road infrastructure is the marker of a country’s development and is significant for safety and satisfaction of the citizens. According to the opinion survey by World Economic Forum, very few Asian countries have the best road infrastructure.

Singapore is ranked at the top in Asia and second globally in terms of road infrastructure in the country.  It is followed by Japan and Taiwan which have equally well maintained roads ranked 5 and 11 respectively.  South Korea and Malaysia ranked 14 and 20 respectively also figure in the countries with best roads in Asia.

China is ranked 39 in the world. It has good roads owing to the rising economy and growing development. China has the longest highway in the world stretching 85,000 kilo metres. Brunei and Sri Lanka rank better than other south Asian countries. The condition of Indian roads in getting better with the country ranked 51, ahead of Thailand and Pakistan at 60 and 77 respectively.

Bhutan ranked 80 needs to develop the road infrastructure by leaps and bounds. It is followed by Vietnam and Laos that have also not invested much in developing road infrastructure to make travelling easy around the country.

Cambodia ranked 93 has sporadic road development in both rural and urban areas. Philippines’ roads are less developed compared to other East Asian countries.