POST TIME: 1 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
PM slams BNP for putting Tarique at its helm
‘Govt identifying property of Bangabandhu killers, razakars’

PM slams BNP for putting Tarique 
at its helm

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday sharply criticised BNP for dropping section 7 from its charter and making a convict its head, reports UNB. "What will the party that accepts corruption as policy or support it in its charter, and accepts a corrupt leader work for the wellbeing of people? They (its leaders) can commit only plundering, killing people and corruption," he said at his valedictory speech in the 19th session of the current Parliament. The Prime Minister said BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia might guess before the court's judgment that she would go to the jail and dropped the section 7 from BNP's charter to pave the way for corrupt and convicts to hold her party posts. "This means BNP has accepted corruption and a convict as its leader,” she said. “Immediately after a person (Khaleda Zia) landed in jail after being convicted, another person (Tarique Rahman) was given the charge (of chairman of BNP), who is also a convict and doesn’t stay in the country. The fugitive convict who stays abroad taking asylum was given the charge of the party,” Sheikh Hasina said.

She questioned whether there is any person among the BNP leaders who could be entrusted with the charge.

The Prime Minister said Begum Zia might have realised that everyone among those who can be given the charge is facing many graft cases. “All are corrupt and there’re cases against all.”

The prime minister also said the government is identifying the movable and immovable property of Bangabandhu’s killers, convicted war criminals and razakars, in their names or others names, as part of its move to confiscate those, reports UNB.

“Apart from identifying their wealth, the process to confiscate those is on,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this while responding to a question from Selina Begum (Woman Seat-6) during the PM’s question-answer session in parliament.

She said the killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, those who committed crimes against humanity, convicted war criminals and razakars, who were involved in the killing of 30 lakh people during the Liberation War, have no scope to have property in an independent country.

“They have no right to have those,” she said. Replying to another question from M Ayan Uddin (Rajshahi-3), the Prime Minister said Bangladesh always wants a sustainable and just solution to the Rohingya problem maintaining friendly bilateral relations with Myanmar. Besides, she said, the government has taken multilateral initiatives to put international pressure on the Myanmar government. Talking about the agreement with the Myanmar government to repatriate the Rohingyas, she said any repatriation process is complex and lengthy. “In just four months, we’ve signed three agreements with Myanmar to repatriate the Rohingyas,” she said. Hasina mentioned that the preparation is on for repatriation of the Rohingyas to their homeland. “On completion of all the preparations, it’ll be possible to start the repatriation soon,” she hoped.