POST TIME: 1 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Rajshahi Metropolitan Police
New 8 police stations start functioning today
Our Correspondent, Rajshahi

New 8 police stations start functioning today

Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) is going to functioning eight more new police stations from Tuesday. However total the number of police stations under RMP now12. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already inaugurated those police stations on February 22, from her Rajshahi historical Madrasa Ground’s meeting. Ifte Khayer Alam, spokesman for RMP and Senior Assistant Commissioner of RMP informed, after prolonged planning, the decision of setting up eight more police stations was taken which had also been approved in the meeting of Executive Committee of National Economic Council recently.

He further said, the new police stations will be set up in rented houses for now and RMP was searching for such rental houses in the areas concerned.

Alam further mentioned, nearly 2,500 policemen were now working in four police stations under RMP and in Police Line of Rajshahi. Mainly policemen from RMP and Police Line will be transferred to the new police stations, he added.

It is learnt, the area of RMP consisting of four police stations is 203 square kilometres and with the functioning of eight new more police stations, the area of RMP will increase to a total of 900 square kilometres.

According to the new planning, a new police station named Chandrima will emerge by breaking Boalia Model Police Station, Kasiadanga emerge by breaking Rajpara Police Station, Kantakhali and Belpukur will be formed by breaking Motihar Police Station and Airport thana will be emerged by breaking Shah Makhdum Police Station. Moreover, Karnahar and Damkura will be formed by breaking Paba Police Station.

Ifte Khayer Alam further informed that Mahabubor Rahman, RMP Commissioner has posted eight officer in-charges for new eight police stations on Wednesday noon.

Inspector Mehedi Hasan Rontu for Katakhali Police Station, Inspector Sahadat Hossain Khan for Motihat Police Station, Inspector Humayun Kabir for Chandrima Police Station, Inspector SM Mashud Parvez for Paba Police Station and Inspector Rabiul Islam for Kasiadanga Police Station have been posted as officer-in-charge. However; Inspector Abdul Latif Shah for Damkura Police Station, Inspector Kobirul Islam for Belpukur Police Station, Inspector Emam Zafar for Karnahar Police Station, and Inspector Rajibul Islam for Airport Police Station have been posted as Inspector (investigation).