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Traditional Comilla batik still popular

Traditional Comilla batik still popular

COMILLA: Several villages across the district are involved in making Batik for several decades now, using candles to create contemporary designs, keeping the customer demands and trends in mind, reports UNB. Apart from producing and distributing it across the country, it is also being exported. Given this high demand, it is economically benefiting the batik weavers, who say that they could export their items to more countries if they get government patronage.

Apart from khadi, batik has been another of Comilla's famed fabrics for decades. Although it lost a bit of demand in between, but now it is back in full swing. The villages of Kamalpur in Sadar upazila and Galiara in Sadar South upazila has been making them well before the Independence.

Both the villages host 15 batik factories, where batik sarees, bedsheets, veils, printed fabrics and other cloths are produced. According to weavers, their items have a great demand in Dhaka and other districts, which motivates them to produce more, putting in extra efforts day and night. “It's a matter of pride for us as our fabric is going international,” a weaver said. A weaver from Galiara showed this correspondent some of his designs, stating that those will be exhibited in the upcoming Trade Fair in Agartala, India. Another weaver talked about how the business has always been hereditary, with their forefathers involved in this business as well.

Cotton batik has always been in great demand throughout the year, as it is light and easy to wear. But all this requires government assistance for more promotion and expansion, only then can the country benefit from batik industry.

Chandan Deb Roy, a batik trader, said batik is entirely handmade, whose imprints are designed using wooden plates, after which candle blocks are used to press the designs onto the batik fabric. Its quality is also topnotch, with only government assistance can bring glory to Bangladesh, he added.