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Dhrupadi stages maiden play ‘Novera’
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Dhrupadi stages maiden play ‘Novera’

‘Novera’, the first theatrical production of Dhrupadi Acting and Design School, was staged at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in Segun Bagicha of the capital on Wednesday.

The play is directed by Sajjad Rajib, while Samiun Jahan Dola has scripted the drama based on Hasnat Abdul Hye’s novel ‘Novera’.  This is a morodrama which follows Novera from her early years to death.

Novera Ahmed, the key designer of the Central Shaheed Minar, was born in 1930. In 1955, she was awarded a Diploma in Design in the Modeling and Sculpture course from Camberwell College of Arts in London. At Camberwell, she studied under the British sculptor Jacob Epstein and Karel Vogel of Czechoslovakia. She studied European sculpture under the sculptor Venturino Venturi in Florence and later, in Vienna. She was influenced by many western modern sculptors including Henry Moore.

She was awarded with Ekushey Padak by the Government of Bangladesh in 1997. During 1956-1960, she had done about 100 sculptures in Dhaka. Out of her 100 sculptures, 33 sculptures are currently in Bangladesh National Museum.

Her first exhibition was held in University of Dhaka in 1960. Another exhibition of her works was held in Lahore in 1961. Her last exhibition was held in Paris in July 1973. At one stage of her career, she jointly worked with Hamidur Rahman and was credited with the key designer of the Central Shaheed Minar.

In the play ‘Novera’, Samiun Jahan Dola plays the role of Novera and depicts her life in the first-person narrative. The play also narrates the personal life of Novera that had many shades and colours. Other than that, figures such as Hamidur Rahman, SM Ali, Novera’s French husband, Zainul Abedin and few others who had definitive roles in Novera’s life came into the storytelling of the play.