POST TIME: 21 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Pesticide traces in three-quarters of French fruit

Pesticide traces in three-quarters of French fruit

PARIS: Almost three- quarters of fruit and more than two-fifths of non-organic vegetables contain traces of pesticide in France, with grapes and celery the most affected, a report said yesterday, reports AFP.

Samples of 19 fruits and 33 vegetables were studied in the report by Generations Futures, a French environmental group that campaigns against pesticide and GMOs, using 2012-2016 data from consumer protection agency DGCCRF.

“For fruit we found that on average pesticide residue was present in 72.6 percent of the samples analysed,” the group said in a statement, with 2.7 percent of those cases exceeding the authorised limit. Eighty-nine percent of the grapes sampled contained traces of pesticide, the report found, followed by 88.4 percent of clementines and mandarins, and 87.7 percent for cherries.

Cherries had on average the most cases above the authorised limit with 6.6 percent, while mangoes and papayas had 4.8 percent.

For vegetables, 41.1 percent of the samples were found to have traces of pesticides, with 3.5 percent above the official limit. Celery had the most pesticide traces of any vegetable with 84.6 percent affected, ahead of fresh herbs at 74.5 percent and endives at 72.7 percent.