POST TIME: 19 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Operators ready to roll out 4G
Licences to be awarded today

Operators ready to roll out 4G

Mobile phone users will be able to experience the fastest data service from today following the handover of 4G/LTE licence by the telecom regulator in the evening, reports BSS.

Private mobile phone operators -- Grameenphone, Robi and Banglalink -- are set to introduce the service immediately after receiving the licence, said officials.

Talking to the news agency, Bangladesh Telecommuni-cation Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Chairman Dr Shahjahan Mahmood yesterday said they will hand over the 4G/LTE licences to the operators in a cere-mony at Dhaka Club this evening.

"The operators are ready to introduce the service as quickly as possible," he added, relying to a query.

Earlier, BTRC declared Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink and state-owned Teletalk as eligible for the 4G/LTE license following their plea.

The regulator held 4G spectrum auction on February 13 and provided spectrum technology neutrality which the operators had been requesting since long.

Grameenphone Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Foley said: "Our 4G journey starts when we have the licence in hand, and so does the journey for many of our valued customers."

"Grameenphone strives to give its customers the best experience of the best technology and product," he added.

Robi Managing Director and CEO Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said: "Within a few minutes of receiving 4G licence, Robi will launch its 4G services."

Another operator Banglalink in a statement said they are prepared to offer 4G service to their customers immediately after obtaining the licence.

BTRC had put up 46.4 Megahertz (MHz) of spectrum for sale in the auction, but only two operators collected 15.6 MHz while two others kept aside from the vie.

Banglalink bought 10.6 MHz spectrum --5 MHz in 2100 band and 5.6 MHz in 1800 band while market leader Grameenphone took 5 MHz from only in 1800 band.

After the auction, now the market leader Grameenphone has totaled 37 MHz of which 7.4 MHz in 900 band, 15.6 MHz in 1800 band and 10 MHz in 2100 band to serve 65.32 million subscribers while Banglalink owns a totaled 30.6 MHz -- 5 MHz in 900 band, 15.6 MHz in 1800 MHz and 10 MHz in 2100 band to serve 32.38 million customers.

Robi which merged with Airtel has totaled 36.4 MHz spectrum in three different bands - 9 MHz in 900 band, 17.4 MHz in 1800 band and 10 MHz in 2100 band to serve 42.90 million customers.

Besides, Teletalk has totaled 25.2 MHz of which 5.2 MHz in 900 band, 10 MHz in 1800 band and 10 MHz in 2100 band to serve 4.49 million subscribers.