POST TIME: 10 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Winter vegetables still exorbitant
Staff Reporter

Winter vegetables still exorbitant

Although winter vegetables are available in plenty, their prices have not dropped in the city's kitchen markets even as the dry season is on its way out. Farmers are clearing their stock of winter crops lest the warm weather herald the transition from winter to spring. Gourd is being sold for Tk 100–110 per kg against last year's Tk 30–35. Some consumers say that the price of gourd is now more than that of chicken.

Prices of other vegetables are also quite high. Only a few vegetables are within the reach of consumers. However, onion and chilli prices have remained stable.

Traders in the capital’s kitchen market, including the one in Karwanbazar, say that the supply of other vegetables, including gourd, are adequate in the market. Even with the onset of warm weather, there is still adequate supply of gourd, which is more common in winter, in the market. Buyers are still interested in buying the vegetable despite the recent hike in its price.   

A small piece of cauliflower was sold for Tk 20–25 last week, while the large piece was sold for Tk 25–30. There is no shortage of vegetables like tomato, bean, pumpkin, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip and radisf in the market. Turnip is being sold for Tk 20–25 per kg. Eggplant is being sold for Tk 30–40 and radish for Tk 15–20 a kg.

The price of bean has, however, soared. It is now being sold for Tk 50–60 a kg against  last week's Tk 30–40. Tomato is being sold for Tk 20–30 and Chilli for Tk 70–80.

The price of onion remains the same from the last week. In the retail market, onion is being sold for Tk 50–55 per kg. Imported onion is being sold at the same price. Onion is available in the wholesale market for Tk 40–45 a kg. Wholesale onion traders at Karwanbazar say that local onion is being sold at Tk 42–43 per kg.